The resourses we manage enable us to provide services for our Clients which create long-term and sustainable value. 
Viremida Group    RESOURCES  
  • Stability and business continuity. 
  • Transparency and strong reputation. 
  • Experience in dealing with governmental institutions regulating construction activity. 
  • Broad network of reliable partners which provide specialised construction and design services. 
  • Construction experience of various types of buildings. 
  • Responsible and experienced team of specialists.
  • Genuine and professional communication.  
  • Implemented ISO and OHSAS management systems, which ensure reliable management of important processes. 
Viremida Group    OPPORTUNITIES  
  • We make decisions based on experience, which ensure the longevity of the buildings and economical as well as practical exploitation of it. 
  • We are able to provide our Clients with all construction and related services on our own.
  • We work with Clients form and in foreign countries. 
  • We empathize with the Client and his needs and we find optimal solution together.    


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